Growth & Innovation

The innovation from growth companies makes a key contribution to the global economy. When entrepreneurs, founders, and seasoned business professionals commit to ideas and work together towards a common purpose, game changing world classes businesses are made.

Hampton TCI: Supporting Midcap Companies in APAC Growth

At Hampton TCI, a large proportion of our client base is midcap companies, such as those with a strong home base in the USA, Europe, or Australia, but little or no experience in the Asia Pacific market. Whether your company is expanding to APAC for the first time, or restructuring your exposure to the region, Hampton TCI has the expertise you need for success in Asia Pacific.  

Clients value our consultative approach to hiring their leadership teams and to securing the right CEO who understands cross-border relationships. Sharing our network and insights ensures clients receive the best industry knowhow when dealing with us.

We support Growth businesses from the early -mid stages of the financing cycle to reach the goals of IPO or the sale of the business to another group of investors. Working with entrepreneurs,  series-C fund businesses and serial founders of multiple businesses, we are expert in hiring best people who have the experience and tenacity to run, build and grow companies.

Hampton TCI has an Extensive Network of Growth Professionals

Growth businesses are not just for founders and entrepreneurs or those who enjoy the challenges of building businesses from scratch. There is a growing interest from professional executives to consider growth businesses in the next stages in their career path.

Professional executives from large multinationals can play an important role providing leadership, advice as well as market knowledge expertise. Growth businesses work with us to tap into our extensive network and precision in identifying the right people with expertise focused on people leadership, fund raising, industry expertise, and board formation.  

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