Private Equity

Shaping the Right Management Team

If you have investment and capital needs, we can point you in the right direction. Our extensive network includes top tier Global Private Equity firms who value the importance of shaping the right management team for each of their investments.

We work with Private Equity firms to build best in class teams with both global market and regional hands-on operating experience. The responsibility of shaping and scaling businesses lies in the hands of the operating teams and we help to prepare Executives with taking the PE route in the next steps in their career. When the fit is right, this can be a lucrative step for seasoned Executives who want more than just a paycheck with a multinational business.

Partnership with Hampton TCI for PE Needs

Taking a CEO role with a Private Equity backed business can be equally challenging and rewarding; building businesses within a set time frame and playing a role in the sale process. There will be challenges that can test even the most seasoned corporate CEO, but with perseverance the best will rise to the challenge.

Hampton TCI creates the team around the CEO in the Private Equity setting to gear them for success which includes appointing external directors to advise PE owners on growth, acquisitions and successful exits. We have a successful track recorded with the work we do with PE firms to identify and coach industry executives through the management buyout process.

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