The Crucial Role of Boards

Boards of Directors play a critical role for organizations, founders, families and private equity owners to achieve long term sustainable growth and returns. Hampton TCI has a track record of running thorough board search processes and appointing board directors who impact culture, strategy, governance, diversity and operational goals.

Hampton TCI's Board Expertise

Tying together our expertise in growth, entrepreneurial settings, and forming management teams, we work with investors, board chairmen, and nomination committees to appoint independent and non-executive directors who thrive on being close to detail, complementing the CEOs skillsets, and collaborating with fellow directors to drive change and raise performance for shareholders.

We outperform and create serious value for our clients in challenging board situations by finding uniquely skilled non-executive directors. A founder’s first outside director, distressed or underperforming assets, preparation for strategic sale, path to IPO, family business professionalization, navigating growth by acquisition, management buyouts – situations where we win.

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